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Take a walk

into the early days

of Ephraim.


Back in the early 1900’s, you would have arrived in Ephraim by schooner on the Bay, because there were no roads. The Anderson Dock was the Village’s lifeline to the outside world, and it would have been bustling upon your arrival. Perhaps you stopped to ask where there might be a store, and were directed to Peter Peterson’s General Store, which was the original iteration of the Old Post Office Restaurant.

Peter Peterson General Store

circa. 1874

The General Store was built by Peter Peterson and later given to Jim Hansen, his adopted son.

Before you walked inside you likely would have noticed the building’s front façade with is ornate “Italianate Style” trim. It was so elegant for its day: it was the talk of the town when the place was first built. In the early 1900’s, the Ephraim Post Office was located at the rear of the store. We have named our restaurant in honor of it’s history.

About Us

If you had ventured to Fish Creek in those early days, you might have met one of the ancestors of our own Larry Krause, the owner and chef here at the Old Post Office Restaurant. Larry’s family, one of the first to settle in Door County, helped establish Fish Creek. Ask him to tell you about his grandfather: He helped build the original tower in Peninsula State Park which overlooks Ephraim’s Eagle Harbor. 

Door County has changed since those early days. There’s a road to Ephraim now! But we like to think we all share a lot in common with those early visitors. We still crave the same things today: a quiet place where we can relax, eat a delicious home-cooked breakfast, and find a friendly smile. We hope you’ll find them here, at the Old Post Office Restaurant.